Seth Cotton

3D Rigging Artist
UE5 Control Rig Artist
3D Modeler
Surfacing Artist
Environment Artist

Familiar Software:
- Autodesk Maya
- Autodesk Arnold
- Unreal Engine 5
- Unity
- Adobe Substance 3D Painter
- Adobe Substance 3D Sampler
- Autodesk Mudbox
- Adobe Photoshop
- Houdini


Boxman Control Rig

This demo showcases a character animated with Unreal Engine's Control rig. The animation blueprint is attached to a character controller and works real-time.
This character was modeled in Maya and rigged, animated, and programmed in Unreal Engine 5.3.

Goofy Rig

This is a calisthenics test of a rig I made for Goofy. This animation-ready rig contains a fully-functional facial rig, fk/ik switches for each limb, auto elements for the neck and shoulders, a reverse foot setup, and both forward and reverse controls for the spine. The entire rig was created in Autodesk Maya.

Goofy Walk Cycle

Here is a walk cycle using the Goofy Rig to show how it behaves during animation. This was animated using Autodesk Maya.

Egg Character

This is a silly egg character I created. I modeled, rigged, and animated him using Autodesk Maya.


Reimagined Island

I modeled the assets in Autodesk Maya, surfaced the assets in Adobe Substance 3D Painter, and composed, lit, and rendered the scene in Unreal Engine 5.2.

Collaborative Diorama

This was a collaborative modeling effort. I was in charge of modeling the chairs, tables, all of the foliage, the umbrellas, cat characters, the coffee sign, roof shingles, and other smaller assets. I surfaced and helped light and render the scene.

Concept Art by Ruslan Kim on ArtStation:

A Day in the Life of a Viking Blacksmith

This was a collaborative effort in which I made models for. I also surfaced, lit, and rendered all three scenes. I was fully in-charge of the exterior environment and created every asset.

Steampunk Robots

This was a collaborative effort in which I was responsible for designing the small flying robot as well as surfacing, positioning, and lighting the scene.

In Full Bloom

This is a surreal, real-time render featuring an other-worldly force of nature escaping from confinement into a broken-down world. This project was modeled in Maya, surfaced in Substance 3D Painter, and rendered in Unreal Engine 5.

Raphael Raven Scene

This environment is based on the Raphael Raven boss fight in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Each asset was modeled, staged, lit, and rendered in Autodesk Maya and textured with Adobe Substance 3D painter. The background fog effects were created with Autodesk Maya.

Surfacing Work

These are smaller surfacing projects all completed with Autodesk's Hypershade in Maya and rendered with Arnold.

Miscellaneous Work/WIP

Seth Cotton Talks With You About Doors

This was a small video project that parodies the Joe Pera Talks With You series on Adult Swim. In it, I briefly discuss the history of doors. I used Adobe After Effects to create this project.

Houdini Snowy Mountain Scene

This is a Houdini project where I used Height Fields and the built-in tree generation system to create a snowy mountain scene. The mountains were textured using Adobe Substance 3D painter.

Background image from Chris Biron on Unsplash.